Deliver Enhanced User Experience Faster and Cheaper with Your Multilingual Content Translation Created in Nuxeo Directly from Your Data System

You want to grow your business globally and make it easy for more international users to take advantage of your product. You want to localize your software user interface, marketing, training and product materials but don’t want translation to slow you down. That’s why you look for capabilities for automating the exchange of content so that you can pull everything into one place and get everything back in one job log. You want to make sure that your regular content updates and consequent language updates are handled efficiently thanks to direct integration and smooth workflow. You want an easy process to handle the multilingual copy, reduce the middleman and avoid going through extra loops in order to eliminate stress and pressure for you and your teams. You roll out projects for different countries at the same time and don’t want incredibly time-consuming processes to manage the work or huge integration fees with setup and maintenance costs that surpass your budget before you even translate a single word.

That’s where our Nuxeo translation connector helps.

Nuxeo Translation Integration – What’s in it for You: 

  • Automated translation projects creation
  • Easy translation workflows and project management setup
  • Streamlined process of files exchange between Nuxeo and Translation Management System (TMS)
  • Reduced manual steps to maintain the highest translation quality level
  • Delivering and managing multilingual content in a fast and cost-effective way
  • Automated translation delivery directly to Nuxeo
  • Real-time monitoring of translation jobs
  • Efficient process of the content’s quality checks, reviews and publishing
  • Delivering enhanced user experience while reducing localization costs
  • Increasing your ROI faster and cheaper
  • Say goodbye to email attachments, cloud drives, zip files full of exports and imports as well as long hours spent on tasks you and your team are not even supposed to do because you signed up for something totally different

If you want to know more about how Nuxeo connected translation makes your life easier and helps your business grow internationally at the same time, we're happy to help.