Congrats! You've elected to build your international presence and connect to your markets worldwide through translation and localization. This way, you'll be able to overcome common business challenges associated with global growth.
Now we bet you're going to ask  "That's all nice but where do I begin?"
We see you: adding translation to your growth stack is a huge change, especially when you've had little to do with it so far. If your products or services are used extensively across the globe, your international growth depends on how much you localize the related documentation: guides, manuals and other technical communication content. We realize that at first glance, all the language service providers that you can choose from look almost the same.
You don't want to end up with expensive inefficient processes and mediocre results. You want the translation services provider aligned with your specific goals and you need someone to pinpoint at least some of the basic options so that you can start and move forward.
We come to rescue with this Document Translation Buying Guide.
When you have completed it, you'll be able to safely talk to translation providers, select the best one for you and your audience and get the best possible deal. And then — to delight your international customers.
Check it out!
Part 1: What Do I Need to Know First?
Part 2: Multilingual Technical Communication — What's the Cost?
Part 3: Will Translation Agencies Support My Technical Documentation Format?
Part 4: Can Localization Providers Integrate with Our Authoring Systems?
Part 5: A Few Words about MadCap Flare
Part 6: The Roadmap to Your Technical Documentation Translation Success
Part 7: Overcoming Common Document Translation Challenges
Part 8: Putting It into Work
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