Good business move! You've identified new markets in new countries in which to sell your products and services and you want to become customer's no. 1 choice. You want to achieve it through your marketing strategy. And translation as a part of it.
You want your prospects to understand your message, so you need to communicate well with your customers through various marketing channels. In their languages.
So, the grand question now is "OK, but can you tell me where to start?"
Translating your marketing content enables you to take the lead in many markets. But above all, it makes your international audience feel comfortable with your products and services, trust your brand and understand the value you add to their lives. Farewell, competition!
We know that this is the moment when all that translation stuff may sound overwhelming but you've already figured it out:  translated marcomm dramatically increases relevance and retains prospects' attention.
We thought you might need a hand with taking your first step into translation so that you can safely move forward with preparing your marketing communications for becoming multilingual so that it opens up your products and services to international audience.
That's why we've created this Marketing Translation Buyer's Guide for you.
After reading it, you'll be ready for choosing your optimum translation provider. And then — to reach current and future customers — of course.
Step inside!
Part 1: Why Should I Even Consider Doing It in the First Place?
Part 2: Are You Consistently Communicating the Right Message to Your Audience?
Part 3: How Do I Go About This Whole Marketing Translation Thing? [video]
Part 4: What Will It Cost Me?
Part 5: Who Will Translate My Marcomm Content?
Part 6: How Do I Select the Marketing Translation Provider That's Best for Me?
Part 7: How Do I Make Sure My Translation Agency Do Their Job?
Part 8: What Can Go Wrong?
Part 9: What Should I Watch out for before I Start Translating?
Part 10: Prepare for Your Multilingual Marketing Launch
Part 11: My Product/Service is Different — Standard Marketing Translation Is  Not Enough!
Part 12: Your Full Marketing Translation Playbook
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