Good on you! You want to make your products and services easy to use for international users and let professional translation and localization services help you grow globally.
Moreover, you want your website to be a global hub for for your multilingual marketing, training and product information to reach current and future customers worldwide.
No doubt, you are now going to say "That's right! But where do I begin?"
Translating your company website is one of the most important business decisions you've ever taken. Make no mistake.
We realize that this very moment all of this may be somewhat intimidating to someone who hasn't been much into translation yet but already knows that multilingual website not only generates leads but first and foremost it connects you with your market audience.
In order to select the right website translation agency aligned with your very specific needs, you need someone to lay foundations for you first, so that in the end, your website becomes your best salesperson working 24/7 on your global expansion.
That's why we've created this Website Localization Buyer's Guide for you.
After going through this guide, you'll be more than prepared for selecting the best translation provider for you, your content and your customers. And then — to connect with your market audience — naturally.
Try it out!
Part 1: Before You Begin
Part 2: What Do I Need to Know First about Website Locallization?
Part 3: What Will My Multilingual Website Cost Me?
Part 4: How Many Languages Should My Website Have?
Part 5: How Do I Know Website Translation Is a Good Decision for Me?
Part 6: What's the End-to-End Process of Localizing a Website?
Part 7: Can Translation Agencies Integrate with My Content Management System?  [video]
Part 8: What Translation CMS Integrations Are Available for Me? [video]
Part 9: Translation Connectors — It's Not Only AEM and Trados
Part 10: A Few Words on Multilingual WordPress Websites and WooCommerce Shops
Part 11: What Happens to My SEO During Translation?
Part 12: What About Website Testing in Other Languages?
Part 13: Your Game Plan
Part 14: Things to Consider before the Launch
Part 15: Is There Anything Else I Should Know About?
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