improve AI data

labeling operations. Make them hugely more efficient, flexible and scalable.

Regain control over data quality, get accurate label data in any language and improve your team governance.

How It Works

We Label, You Scale

You want to be hugely more productive, efficient and flexible. You don't want to do things manually as it's not scalable. Especially if you want to grow your multilingual data labeling operations.

Human In The Loop, Balance Between Quantity And Quality

You want to do more by using the same resources and save time and money without sacrificing the quality of your data. You want to label correctly, efficiently and at a steady pace to get accurate data.

Better Team Governance, Improved Models

Supply your data science teams with what is needed to do things right. Get high-quality label data that really gets you somewhere. Support your artificial intelligence innovations by providing accurate data at scale without having to discard 40% of it and wasting 80% of your time fighting blockers.

What Do You Want To Accomplish?

Remove data annotation bottleneck

Remove data

Accelerate building your models and applications. Support your AI algorithms and innovations by providing your data science teams with high-quality data at scale.

Focus on your work not labeling

Focus on your
not labeling

You don't need in-house labeling expertise or resources. You don't need to manage annotation or hire, train, or coordinate annotators — that's our job.

Get detailed insight into your data

Get detailed insight
into your data
and the team's performance

Eliminate blockers thanks to transparent and clear feedback loops. Mark queries for escalation and discussion immediately. Say goodbye to super-long, unmanageable Slack threads wasting your time.


Everything under
one roof,
multilingual included

Be more efficient, productive and flexible with your data labeling operations. Find a one-stop shop for all your labeling projects and all language labeled data without worrying about "garbage in, garbage out".