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How about getting to know each other a little bit better then? Of course, it’s all about you, your data, and your models, we get that. But we bet you’d like to know more about us in order to find out if we are worth your while.


What Do You Want To Accomplish?

As an AI data professional, you can relate. Your job is to improve your models and see more accuracy. That's why you want high-quality label data that really gets you somewhere. That's the data you actually want in your training because that's what leads to improvement. You just want to respond to all your labeled data needs and supply your data science teams with what's needed to do things right. This is critical.


Meanwhile, the management of your quickly growing labeling operations is not really streamlined and you want to be hugely more productive. You want to remove data annotation bottleneck to building your models and applications, as well as to support your artificial intelligence innovations by providing accurate labeled data at scale. After all, if you build algorithms, the last thing you want to do is spend 80% of your time doing something else, right?


Meet the Management

We'd like to introduce you to the amazing management team behind what we do.


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