Addressing a global audience in the right language and at the right time has never been easier. Create, manage and distribute your multilingual content in a Content Management System (CMS) o your choosing in a seamless way to deliver a stunning and unique customer experience.

Experience the effortless and seamless localization process that will enable our brand to introduce your content, product or service in a faster and more efficient way.

Using your preferred CMS (Content Management System) fully integrated with our TMS (Translation Management System) allows your multilingual content swift creation giving you and your teams freedom of being able to focus on your tasks.

Address your audience and meet your time-to-market with your multilingual content, product, website, app or service carefully tailored to your customers' needs regardless of the language and geography.




Adobe Experience Manager Translation Integration

Create, manage and deliver consistent multilingual content to your customers globally in a fast and cost-efficient way to offer them a stunning customer experience.

Adobe InDesign Translation Integration

Simplify your Adobe ID localization and streamline the process to the maximum to enable international users to fully enjoy their experience.

Alfresco Translation Integration

Enhance the support you offer to organizations through Digital Transformation by delivering a truly multilingual experience.

Azure Translation Integration

Reduce the workload behind the localization process to meet your time-to-market and deliver a perfect customer experience to your global audience.

Bitbucket Translation Integration

Secure your multilingual repositories, plan, test and deploy your projects in the time and cost-efficient manner to meet your time-to-market.

Bitbucket Server Translation Integration

Pull the translatable files in a fast and secure way through our Bitbucket Server connector and have your content localized in a time and cost-efficient manner.

Box Translation Integration

Easily and cost-efficiently create and manage multilingual content that helps you reach the global market in time to win.

Confluence Translation Integration

Receive full support for your Confluence multilingual content at every stage of the content management process. Use the opportunity to experience seamless localization and reach global audiences.

Contentful Translation Integration

Create, manage and distribute multilingual content to your website or platform in a seamless and cost-effective way. Enhance your customers' experience with continuous localization.

Contentstack Translation Integration

Deliver multilingual content to a website, an app, advice or any digital platform with the use of ATL and Contentstack connector. Reduce your time spent on the project and use it to build your brand’s position throughout the global markets.

CraftCMS Translation Integration

Gain deeper control and more powerful performance from your content management tool with your truly multilingual content that reaches global audiences in the right way.

DITAworks Translation Integration

Automatically extract files for translation and seamlessly structure your workflows to improve your productivity and profitability. Reach a wider global audience in a fast and cost-effective way.

DNN Translation Integration

Create the out of the box content and manage it regardless of the language in a fast, easy and cost-effective way to increase your productivity and profitability.

Documentum Translation Integration

Take advantage of the seamless translation and localization process and deliver your multilingual content to meet your time-to-market and reach a wider global audience.

Dropbox Translation Integration

Take advantage of ATL’s continuous localization process to deliver multilingual content, store and distribute it in real-time across multiple devices and in multiple languages. Make your users’ experience unique.

Drupal Translation Integration

On your path to a global presence, make sure you exploit every opportunity to make your content as great as possible. This means making it truly multilingual and reaching a global audience in a fast and seamless way.

easyDITA Translation Integration

Save time on the translation by automatically extracting the files for translation and structuring the workflow fast and easy to increase productivity and profitability.

Easyling Translation Integration

Have your translations done in an effortless and automated process and preview them in real-time. Save time, money and keep the full control over the continuous localization process.

Egnyte Translation Integration

Watch your multilingual content improve, reach international audiences and help you win globally saving time, budget and releasing your team's bandwidth.

Episerver Translation Integration

Create, start and manage your translation workflows directly in the EpiServer interface. Save time and money thanks to the fast and efficient continuous localization process.

FileNET Translation Integration

Boost your multilingual content deliverability and meet your time-to-market thanks to the automated and seamless process of continuous localization.

FTP Translation Integration

Download the source files and upload the target files directly to the File Transfer Protocol. No hassle, no money-wasting lengthy processes. Experience an efficient translation process now.

git Translation Integration

Save time and resources thanks to an efficient process of sending content for translation, and benefit from the fully automated updates within the multilingual content.

gitHub Translation Integration

Connect your GitHub repositories to our translation system, have the burden of localization taken off your shoulders completely, and distribute your content without any delays.

gitLab Translation Integration

Simplify your processes, reduce the time and cost localization. Take advantage of the automated process of sending files for translation, forget about the delays forever and reach a wide audience across the globe.

Google Drive Translation Integration

Address the global audience and meet the fast-changing conditions of the modern marketplace by making sure all of your documentation, regardless of its type is sent for translation in an automated and time-efficient way.

Google Sheets Translation Integration

Automated sending of the files for translation will enable you to save time and to receive fully compatible files that are ready to use, regardless of the language. Save time, money and reduce the copy/paste tasks for better results.

HelpScout Translation Integration

Working within HelpScout you focus on helping the users experience the most helpful and human interaction possible. Make sure you deliver the multilingual experience in time for them to enjoy it thanks to the ATL and HelpScout connector.

HubSpot Translation Integration

Experience your multilingual content creation on time, on spec and on budget. Enjoy your international marketing strategy reaching a wider global audience with the content that speaks their language and delivers exactly what they need.

Ixiasoft Translation Integration

Create your multilingual technical content with reduced manual steps and tasks. Address your global audience and enhance their customer experience with your carefully crafted content in their native languages.

Jira Translation Integration

Enjoy seamless continuous localization of your software at every stage of its development. Introduce your software in the international markets in a fast and cost-efficient way, and release your team’s bandwidth with the support of our JIRA connector.

Joomla Translation Integration

Deliver your web content to international audiences in a time-efficient way and fully experience the seamless, time and cost-effective localization process.

JSON Translation Integration

Some say there’s no need for localization when it comes to JSON. Others say it would be great to have the crucial parts localized. If you decide to go for localization, remember there’s an opportunity to deliver it fast and ready-to-use.

Kentico Translation Integration

Watch your content seamless and cost-effective translation and enjoy using the saved time and money on what you do best.

Liferay Translation Integration

Take advantage of tech solutions like Liferay translation connector to create, manage and distribute your multilingual content in a time and cost-effective way.

Magneto Translation Integration

Become the leader in the eCommerce market by offering your global audience your service and product descriptions as well as any other customer-oriented content in their native languages.

Marketo Translation Integration

Translate your emails, blog posts, landing pages, forms, and files continuously in a fast way and without compromising the quality. Provide your audience with a fully personalized experience and win their trust.

Mindtouch Translation Integration

Improve your customers' experience with multilingual content tailored to their needs in a seamless and cost-effective process of continuous localization.

Muldrato Translation Integration

Translate your CAD drawings in an effortless way and save time and money thanks to the Translation Memory technology. Keep your content consistent in terms of terminology and deliver a stunning customer experience to your global audience.

Nuxed Translation Integration

Drive your business growth by creating multilingual content fast and in time to address your global audiences and deliver to them a unique customer experience.

OneDrive Translation Integration

Translate your content in a fast and efficient way and receive the localization output in time to communicate with your users in the best possible way regardless of the language and geography.

Opentext Translation Integration

Increase your productivity and international business growth by adding the multilingual aspect to your content. Check out the benefits of streamlining your content localization process.

Oracle Eloqua Translation Integration

Benefit from the fast and easy localization of your automation content. Streamline your translation process, reducing the number of unnecessary tasks management to enjoy the localization outcome that wins you global markets.

Oracle Service Cloud Translation Integration

Help and support your customers around the globe in a swift and efficient way thanks to an automated, and quick extraction of the files for translation and sending the ready files for you to use and enhance your customers’ experience.

Ovitas Translation Integration

Create your content with localization included at all stages of the creative process. Keep efficient conversation with your audience going in the right language and at the right time to win their trust and boost your sales.

RSuite Translation Integration

Watch the RSuite’s rule of “create once – publish everywhere” happen with your multilingual content thanks to the connector that fully automates and facilitates the localization process of your content. Address your audience in their language and in time to meet their needs.

S3 Translation Integration

Make sure you benefit from your swift and easy content localization thanks to our S3 connector. Keep your processes as seamless and productive as always and enjoy the results.

SFTP Translation Integration

Keep your files secure at all times while delivering your content for translation from your servers and localize your content in a seamless and secure way at all stages of the localization process.

SharePoint Online Translation Integration

In times of constant file-sharing, ease-of-use is everything. Make sure you take advantage of continuous localization streamline the file-sharing process and benefit from efficient collaboration regardless of the language and geography.

Salesforce Translation Integration

Share the knowledge and experience in your users’ native languages. Speak your users’ language and lend a truly human and helpful hand.

Sitecore Translation Integration

Enhance your customers’ experience by providing them with multilingual content regardless of its type in a continuous and seamless localization process. Meet their expectations on time, on spec and on budget.

TYP03 Translation Integration

Enhance your customers’ experience by providing them with multilingual content regardless of its type in a continuous and seamless localization process. Meet their expectations on time, on spec and on budget.

WooCommerce Translation Integration

Watch the numbers of your online sales growth as you deliver the fully multilingual content to your users. Enhance their experience and increase your margins in a seamless and time-efficient way.

Umbraco Translation Integration

Truly multilingual content delivered to you in time for you to address your customers and win their trust. Regardless of content type, seamless continuous localization in your grasp.

Visual Studio Translation Integration

Develop your multilingual website, computer programs and web apps for your global audience with the use of a cost-efficient and time-saving, localization process.

WordPress Translation Integration

Fast and easy translation of all your content, regardless of its type will help you reach the international audience and meet the fast-changing conditions in the global marketplace. Make sure you stay ahead of the game.

Zendesk Translation Integration

Gain and maintain your customers’ trust and become their no 1 choice by delivering all the content in their native language. Improve your customers’ experience by offering constant multilingual support and communication.