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Marek Makosiej
January 11, 2021
1 min read

How to Translate Your Team's Bandwidth Release Into 7-figure Amounts



How to release your team's bandwidth in order to save you six or seven figures so that you have that money ready to be spent on something else?


Have you ever had your team members occupied with the things that they are not necessarily fit to do?


This is often the case when it comes to translating content. Using internal resources to translate your marketing content or your website pages may be tempting. Asking your engineers to translate your software because they happen to speak the language, may seem like a great and cost-cutting idea. But it's not.


Learn the real costs of using the wrong resources for translation. Get to know your options in the great pool of choices in the translation and localization pool. Make sure you know how to save on translation and avoid overspending on it.


Use your sales and marketing team, your engineers and website developers for the jobs you actually hired them to do. This video will explain in detail why it is important to not allocate the translation with the wrong resources, what trusting a translation company will bring to your table and how your company will benefit from releasing your team's bandwidth with the use of professional translation services.


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