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How about getting to know each other a little bit better then? Of course, it’s all about you, your global growth, and your multilingual customers worldwide, we get that. But we bet you’d like to know more about us in order to find out if we are worth your while.




What Do You Want To Accomplish?

If you are a marketing, product or other content-driven executive with the goal to make your international clients choose you as their preferred brand over the competition, then you can relate. You provide extensive product information, training material, documentation and other UX-sensitive content for various types of end-users. With this much content and working in at least 2 languages other than English, you need smooth systems and processes to manage the workflow. This is critical.



Your content platforms have modules that provide extensive capabilities for automating the export/import of text for translation. Through connectors, you avoid constant back and forth, file management, and email attachments. Many firms have amazing integrations, but their setup and maintenance costs surpass your budget before you even translate a single page.

You are afraid you are going to end up with a time-consuming translation process to manage and huge integration fees. You want a partner who does their job so you can focus on yours.



Meet the Management

We'd like to introduce you to the amazing management team behind what we do.


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