The Challenge

We offer 18 languages, including most of the European languages, with even more if you count local variants. We want to communicate clearly and in a friendly manner with our audience in all languages, so our main goal is that our translated content feels just as natural to our customers as when we first wrote it. Style and tone of voice are crucial for us — the translation has to have a good flow and be in line with AirHelp’s communication guidelines. We also need cultural and linguistic guidance on the conventions typical to various countries. So it’s about much more than simply translating the content. 

That’s why we wanted to switch from working with other providers and freelancers (a mixed setup) to having most of our translation and localization work done under one roof. We needed a partner who used Phrase (Memsource), which would allow us to use integrations and benefit from process automation. Plus, as we have mixed content, we needed a vendor who’d be able to provide us with high-quality translations for anything we send their way. 

We focus on quality and partnership, mutual understanding, good cooperation, clear feedback, and proactivity. We want to work with a partner who shares these values as they are crucial to us. 

The Solution

ATL was able to offer a complex solution to our needs, covering all sorts of specialized content, as well as various types of tasks, and a wide array of languages.  With them, we found top-notch project management, a personal touch, great communication, and a drive for continuous improvement.  Plus, of course, the quality of the translations is excellent, as proven by the Linguistic Quality Assurance scores and the user feedback we received. 

The Result

We can reach passengers around the globe and we believe we speak the same language they do. This allows us to expand our services, gain international recognition, and expand globally. 

We have centralized all of our requests coming from various stakeholders, and most of the requests are now handled by ATL, within one translation management system. This allowed us to streamline our internal localization processes, ensuring consistency and making sure all departments at AirHelp speak in one voice, even when communicating in different languages. 

We hear good feedback from internal stakeholders, and we see our customers interact well with the translated content. 

We are already planning the addition of new languages, as well as more social media translations and more interactive content. They will go to ATL without any hesitation. Should we need more assistance with other types of requests or a trusted partner to run a third-party quality evaluation, we’d definitely choose ATL. 

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