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The role of the video has changed — it's now one of the most important pieces of content on every platform and channel. Let's face it, outreach is difficult. It's almost impossible for a brand to build credibility and trust without some form of video. And for this video to work, it needs to speak to the user in their language. That's why it needs customers' language versions.

If you aren’t creating video, you’re likely falling behind. If you don’t translate video, you’re falling behind big time.

Engage All Your User's Senses

Video marketing and video training are not only about the moving picture. The whole audio-visual layer matters particularly when it comes to the language tier.

There are different methods of communicating with your audience in different countries using a video — multilingual voice-over and dubbing (when they're driving home from work, for instance) or localized subtitles and captions when they cannot play the audio (riding on a bus, for example, or on a train or subway on their way to — or from — the office).

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I just want to thank you and all people at ATL for the amazing job you do for us! We are very happy with your texts and sometimes even surprised by how creative and well-considered your choice of words is.

Andreas Uhl, Marketing & Communication, Fohhn Audio

We wanted to share the positive feedback on your translation work so that you can share this with your teams as well. Thank you!

Susanna Concha, Marketing Translations Senior Specialist, Zoll Medical Corporation

Thanks a ton for making this happen. Really really appreciate your help and dedication!!! Thank you and your team for your dedicated work!

Emma Ren, Global Language Strategy Manager, The Center for Creative Leadership

You and your team gives us such a great support we are so lucky to work with you!

Pia Richter, International Marketing, Ölmühle Moog

This is wonderful. The documents look perfect! Excellent work by you and your team. We are VERY happy with the quality. Customers have responded „excellent” when we sent manuals for evaluation.

Chris Labriola, Product Design, Peterson Strobe Tuners

We have been through the translations and all looks good, thanks. We are very happy with the service!

Lawrence Crew, Senior Product Manager, Platform, Audinate

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