Help Your Customers: Internationalization First

Wherever your app is based out from, if your focus is fully international, you need to put the customer first. You want to be inclusive, and as your software products are meant for customers worldwide, you want your app to talk to them in their language.

You want your customers to have the opportunity to appreciate a multilingual user interface that includes their language.

Your Users Want Their Software Localized

In the globalized world just 27% of Internet users speak English and just 6% of the population speaks native English. 60% of your potential buyers say language is more important than price.

This means that when they open the software they buy with their hard-earned money,
availability of the UI in their language version must be a given.

Any Platform, Any Language

Whether it's Windows, MacOs, iOS, Android or any other operating system or RC, XIB,
XML or other software file formats, your users want their programs internationalized, localized and neat.

They don't want any corrupt characters, hard-coded text or interface strings that are
concatenated, too long and displaying as if Unicode never existed.

Make Your Software Multilingual to Serve Your Customers Better — See What Our Clients Say

Thank you for the incredibly quick turnaround! You always
provide great service in everything you do.

Martin Fritzsche Chief Marketing Officer
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