You Want Your Website To Be A Global Hub

Connection to your customers is the key to building a successful long-term business relationship. Your website needs to be inclusive as your products are meant for users worldwide and you need to help them by overcoming language barriers.

That means you need to provide easy access to translated extensive product information, training material and support documentation to various types of end users or even manufacturers, their distribution channels and integrators across the globe.

All that content needs to be available through your multilingual website.

You Are Afraid You're Going To End Up With
Expensive Inefficient Processes
And Mediocre Results

Making your website available in multiple languages starts with tight integration of your CMS and a translation management system of your translation company.

Your website platform has modules available that provide extensive capabilities to automate the export of text and localize and import the new text. But often setup and maintenance costs surpass your budget for website translation before you even localize a single page.

You Need Smooth Systems To Manage The Workflow

Your content management system’s internationalization module allows for varying degrees of customization to export and import content for localization.

You don’t want to post-process your exports or pre-process your input files to make the technical integration work. The last thing you need is the headache of sending huge zip files back and forth using email. You simply want to outsource your translation directly from your website’s backend.

Get A Multilingual Website That Will Deliver In
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ATL was very committed and handled everything we sent their way. They walked me through the process and were
willing to run things out of sequence. I always felt supported while learning the ropes. We’re working with ATL, of
course. It’s and investment that’s paying off.

Mike Wills Senior Digital Marketing Manager
success story

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