Audinate’s products include hardware that audio and video equipment manufacturers incorporate into their products to facilitate networked audio as well as software used by installers, sound engineers, musicians and IT professionals to configure systems and integrate PCs and Macs into Dante networks.

As the defacto standard in audio networking, Dante-enabled equipment is used extensively across the globe. Marketing, training and product information needs to reach current and future customers. The company website,, is the hub for all that information, so localizing key parts of the site was the top priority for Sr. Digital Marketing Manager, Mike Wills. Spanish, Japanese and Simplified Chinese were selected for the first phase of the project after being identified as having the highest potential to open up Dante to new markets. Wills explains, “One of the reasons that system integrators, sound engineers and IT departments design systems with Dante audio networking, is that they have over 1000 Dante-enabled products to choose from and products are interoperable across brands. And while most of the largest pro audio companies can be found in our list of over 350 manufacturers that have licensed Dante, we know that localizing our site and materials will help more manufacturers and users take advantage of audio networking and this AV/IT convergence.”

The Challenge

Audinate provides extensive product information, training material and support documentation for manufacturers, their distribution channel, integrators and the various types of end-users. With this much content and working with three additional languages, the need for smooth systems to manage the workflow was critical. “Our website platform, Drupal, has modules available that provide extensive capabilities for automating the export of text to localize and import of the new text. Some of the firms I interviewed had amazing integrations with Drupal, but their setup and maintenance costs surpassed our budget before we even translated a single page. I was afraid we were going to end up with incredibly time-consuming processes to manage the work or huge integration fees!” says Wills. The audio industry has a vocabulary that provides challenges to translation providers and audio networking adds an additional layer of complexity. Audinate needed a provider grounded in audio and able to build a vocabulary that accommodated these newer concepts. “I didn’t want to have to train-up a standard translation agency, and my experiments with machine translation were just laughable!” When Audinate’s VP of Marketing met ATL’s Managing Director at an audio trade show, it seemed their concern about the industry vocabulary may be resolved.

The Solution

  • ATL was very committed to getting the technical integration to work.
  • Audinate and ATL worked together through various options in the Drupal
    internationalization module settings to find the best choice for ATL’s import.
  • Websites always have varying degrees of customization, and ATL worked
    things out on their end to adjust to the files so we didn’t have to
    post-process our exports or pre-process our input files to make it work.
  • ATL handled everything we sent their way – website exports, PDFs,
    PowerPoints with notes, InDesign files and formatted video caption files.
  • The technical integration took some time but our deadline didn’t shift, but
    Marek was willing to run things out of sequence to meet a company
    deadline, even created extra work for ATL that cut into their margins.
  • My experience with localization was limited, but ATL walked me through the
    process, explained the terminology and nuances of the process, and I
    always felt supported while learning the ropes.
  • Audinate’s Marketing, Sales and Support leadership identified reviewed and
    approved a plan to localize the website and various materials in three
    phases depending on the number of people needing the content.

The Result

Audinate’s business is growing rapidly, so increases in website traffic are expected. But traffic from people browsing in Japanese, Chinese and Spanish increased over 25% ABOVE the rate of other traffic. This is after completion of only the first phase of the project. “We are very excited about the increased interest from these markets. We’ve recently opened a new office in Hong Kong and the team there is happy to have the support of materials in Chinese.” says Wills and he adds “Our spending on each translation project provides two types of return. First, we get the immediate benefit of growing and supporting a larger customer base, and second, we are also building our translation memory database at ATL. It’s like a dividend – we get significant discounts on phrases we’ve already had translated.” Audinate’s next project is translation of the Dante Certification program which offers beginning and intermediate training and certification online for those interested or working with Dante systems. “We’re working with ATL, of course. It’s an investment that’s paying off.”

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