The Challenge

In 2015, EastWest Sounds launched ComposerCloud, the first subscription service in the virtual instrument market, which gives users access to their catalog over 10,000 award-winning instruments. In order to take the service global, the challenge for EastWest Sounds was to translate their ComposerCloud website and supporting materials into multiple languages, including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

The Solution

EastWest Sounds knew they needed ATL not just for their renowned reputation at language translation, but because ATL has a long history of working with companies in the pro-audio industry. There are many technical terms unique to the market that require an extra level of care and knowledge in the translation process. Not only that, as people are signing-up for a monthly service rather than a one-time purchase, they must be comfortable with what they are getting into. This meant the translations had to be simple and easy to understand. ATL was sensitive to all these needs and provided all translations in a timely yet thorough manner. They understood the complexity behind translating each specific language and gave us options when challenges arose. They made the whole translation process painless. In fact, it was quite enjoyable.

The Result

By investing in localization, traffic to our translated websites has increased by 50%, which, in turn, dramatically increased the number of leads our marketing team could work on to drive the sales up at a much faster rate than we could before. No pro-audio company should go anywhere else for their translation needs.

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