Bartek Dymek

10+ Years of Localization Services Provider Experience, Language Services Manager, Lecturer, Conference Speaker 

Author's bio

Bartek uses his extensive experience and translator’s know-how to guide the team and localization processes through the meanders of Quality Assurance and workflow optimizations.

As a former Translator, Revisor, and Language Lead, Bartek knows the core localization processes like the back of his hand, which allows him to suppress all kinds of bottlenecks and avoid process pitfalls. His life mission is to make things work better. On a day-to-day basis, Bartek uses his skills and experience to effectively communicate with teams, clients, and vendors – wherever there is a need to streamline an in-house process, implement a new working approach or clearly explain a sophisticated localization concept.

Teaching Medical Translations at the University of Wrocław has inspired him to always be up to date with the newest localization industry trends; it is also a great opportunity to constantly develop his interpersonal and communication competencies.

Bartek enjoys spending his free time reading medicine-related books, going on occasional geocaching escapades, jogging, and bike riding. He is also a huge fan of personal development, specializing in communication strategies, such as Non-Violent Communication (NVC) or effective persuasion.

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