Marek Makosiej

Managing Director and CEO, 20+ Years of Experience in Taking Businesses Global through Translation and Localization

Author's bio

Marek uses his background in translation & localization as well as his deep understanding of executives taking their businesses worldwide to organize all aspects of ATL operations around clients’ international growth.

From being a translator on projects from leading global organizations internationalizing their flagship products and services, through managing localization projects and teams himself and ultimately translation agency operations, he experienced all the first-hand struggles of an executive who leads their business to an international level and presence from the ground up. His experience in working with clients spans across all types of businesses in unique markets. He enjoys building processes and structures that work for the client to help them reach and support their customer base on local markets worldwide through translated and localized content adapted to local specifics, linguistic and cultural.

Outside work, Marek enjoys all things related to football (soccer, for that matter) - watching, playing and FIFA-ing, music (creating and producing) and his border collie Bajka (translation: Fairytale, transcreation: Furrytail).

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