Karolina Sarul
June 24, 2019

5 Tips to Make Your Global Marketing Rock

successful global marketingAsk not what marketing translation can do for you but what you can do for your marketing translation to rock. What can you do to make sure your multilingual content is just right for the markets you aim to enter?

Learn More About Your Audience Language-Wise.

It’s not just what your prospects do, where they work and all the other information necessary to create your buyer personas.

It’s a little bit more when it comes to marketing translation.

Like linguistic nuances, for instance. Terminology, jokes, puns, idioms and expressions that work in one language might not have a positive outcome in another. Even in the same language but used in two different countries – there might be repercussions if you don’t do a thorough research.

The same goes for religion, history, tradition and laws. After all, you want to make a perfect first impression and make sure that your marketing collateral really appeals to the local audiences. So, you do your research again and again and create content that is culturally sensitive. And you need to be extra careful when getting to know your multilingual audiences.

Remember About Human Translation.

When it comes to marketing translation, you should not entrust it to only automated processes. You need human translation and then humans reviewing the work, because you create content for people in culturally unfamiliar markets. The risk of implementing the wrong terminology or breaking cultural rules by not having the right translation is just not worth taking.

Give It Time.

Don’t rush your marketing translation. Set realistic deadlines that comply with your strategy.

Plan your content creation but also take into consideration the time it needs to be properly localized. Listen to your translation partner as they know how much time such a job takes for the content to be ready to use after they finish. Rushing it will shorten the deadlines, but at what cost?

Don’t Go for the Cheap Stuff.

Just because a localization company offers you the lowest possible rates, it does not mean it's good for your business. It doesn’t also mean you have to choose the most expensive ones. Do your research – again. Check the offer and what’s in the price. And then assess if the price is right.

Find Your Perfect Marketing Translation Partner. 

In order to make sure you cover all the bases, you need the right for your company language services provider.

A language translation agency that will help you pinpoint all the potential linguistic traps waiting for you in the languages of targeted markets. They will help you match your content to the cultural nuances in those local markets.

You need a translation provider that will make sure your global marketing content does not offend anybody or humiliate your brand in any way.

Your ideal translation partner will also provide you with the know-hows so that you feel secure in the areas that are not familiar to you. After all, you know your personas, you know your processes and your language translation partner should be there to add their expertise and knowledge to this pool, making your big picture complete.

You need a translation partner that will deliver just what you need at the right price for you and at the right time.

Your marketing translation partner will help you every step of the way to create multilingual marketing content that increases your company’s profits, builds and improves your brand’s reputation in the international markets and exposes your company to opportunities that might not be available otherwise.

So, what do you do next?