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Karolina Sarul

Digital Marketing Manager, Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing Management experience

Author's bio

Karolina uses her past experience in sales, teaching and her current experience in digital marketing management to plan, create and execute inbound marketing strategy at ATL.

As a former business development manager, she is familiar with the customer-centric approach and now with her knowledge of inbound marketing, she combines her experiences helping clients worldwide to find the translation and localization solutions that are right for their companies’ international growth. She dedicates her efforts to delivering SEO optimized website content with ATL’s prospective client’s needs in mind, listening carefully to their questions and doubts. Every piece of content she releases is there to teach and help professionals to find their answers about translation services.

Outside of work, Karolina enjoys the occasional (when her twin sons are asleep) reading, sports, music, social life and binge-watching of her favorite show, “Friends”.

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