Karolina Sarul
September 02, 2019

4 Tips to a Successful International Business Expansion

Startup conceptStarting your own business, you probably have this great vision of expanding internationally one day. This usually seems to be a distant future, so you don’t really pay attention to planning it. This is something to think about later, right?

But why limit your business growth options? Is it because the thought of including localization in the company’s international marketing strategy seems overwhelming?

There are four tricks that can make it easier for you and help you win in the local markets that you want to reach.


Start Small

You don’t have to translate your entire website and all of your content into multiple languages.

Instead, decide which pages are the most important ones and which market you want to enter first. Then, translate these most important pages into this language. It’s important that your targeted customers have access to the product pages, contact pages and the about page so that they feel comfortable using your website in their own language. You know your company and your marketing plan. You can decide that a specific page is more or less important, of course.

Once you decide that you have the time and money, you can invest in localizing more content into more languages to reach other markets.

It’s also good to check which languages it’s best for your company to translate into. Why invest in a market that might not benefit your business?

If you wonder which languages to translate into, you can research the trending languages on the Internet. For more detailed research results, use the guidance of a translation company that knows which languages are best for starting your international expansion, considering the business industry your company represents.



Start Simple

Make sure the message you want to convey to your future customers is simple.

Don’t overcomplicate things. Your customers, depending on the country, understand idioms differently. There’s also the aspect of linguistic nuances and legal regulations that you need to consider when going global. Sounds complex? It is, but with the right language translation company there’s nothing to worry about.

Simplicity does not refer only to the content you produce. It also refers to your company name. It should also be translation friendly. You need to ask specific questions when naming your business:

  • Is it translatable?
  • Will it sound offensive or cheesy in a different language?
  • Are there any suitable alternatives for the name in case it’s not translation friendly?

In case of doubt, it’s always a good idea to consult with your translation agency. They are the ones that should be able to advise you on how to create your company name that will best represent you in the international marketplace.

That’s why it is important to keep the localization aspect in mind right from the start of the startup.


Start Thoroughly Prepared

Make sure you use software that is suitable for the changes implemented in the localization process. Unique characters, various text directions and sizes can make the localization more complex if the software is not ready for it. Do you need more information on software localization to be fully prepared?                               READ THIS ARTICLETo start fully prepared you will also need a market strategy, of course. Defining your most desired markets requires looking into market research data to understand your target audience. You need to know and understand legal regulations and restrictions in the given market too, research your competition and estimate your ROI. 

All this is necessary for you to create a perfect internationalization plan for your company.


Start Fully Supported

You know what you need to go global: your thorough market strategy, your business, website and software development plan and you know how to approach this. But do you know WHO you need?

In the localization industry, you will find many possibilities of starting a partnership. For a long-term partnership, you need a specific translation company that will support your efforts to win in local markets.

Your translation services company needs to provide guidance to secure your company’s proper content localization and introduction into global markets. Localizing your website, software and any other content you decide to translate, you need to make sure your language professionals know the industry your company represents. The terminology, software specifications as well as the knowledge of the local market’s customs, legal regulations and linguistic rules are the core elements that your translation agency should offer.

And let’s not forget about their ability to offer open and clear communication and conscious focus on your needs and your business objectives. If you wonder how to choose the right translation services partner, click the button below and use this checklist. This will help, I promise.                               DOWNLOAD YOUR IDEAL TRANSLATION PARTNER  CHECKLIST

Now you have the tricks to know how to approach your company’s international expansion.
Use this knowledge well and win in the markets you enter. Wherever it may be.