Karolina Sarul
February 19, 2019

A Simple Way to Save on Your International Communication

International communicationHave you ever tried to build a tank? As in a military vehicle? I have.

For my son, of course, not for myself. It was the spur of the moment when I just had an idea “Hey! Let’s make a tank!”.
I did it with just a knife, a zucchini and a cardboard box because I temporarily lost the keys to our shed where the toolbox is. It did not look good! Yes, my son loved it, but he loves anything that slightly resembles military vehicles, so I don’t expect any applause here. 

Needless to say, the cardboard-zucchini tank didn’t last long. After all, vegetables have an expiration date, don’t they? I don’t think that anyone apart from my 4 years old son was impressed. The idea alone wasn’t enough apparently. Next time I will most definitely make sure I have the tools.

Are you wondering why I’m telling this story? Well, I believe you will agree on one thing: when you build something, you need the right tools. Sometimes a knife itself will not suffice. Whether you build a marcomm strategy, create marketing content, launch an ad campaign or you plan SEO optimization, it’s always useful to have the right tools for it.

In translation and localization, there are specific tools that you probably have already heard of.
Computer-Aided Translation tools (CAT). Right?
Any localization company's blog you find will have an article about which CAT tool is best, which not to use, endless lists of these tools and so on. I won’t focus on these details here. As my question is: does your language partner use CAT tools? Of course, they do. Assuming they are professionals.

Why is it important?

It’s simple: when you create your content, you use the tools to make sure the whole process runs without
a hitch and the outcome is delivered on time. And on budget. Am I right?

The same goes for translation and localization. CAT tools provide not only quality checks, a smooth process, deliverability and so on. They also save you money.
Have you heard of Translation Memory? When I first heard of CAT tools, this was the feature that amazed me the most! A database of terms, which can be used and then re-used in the next projects.
It makes the process easier, faster but also cheaper. And hey! Who doesn’t like to save some money? I most certainly do!

When you look for a construction company to build you this new condo in the mountains (or at the seaside for me, please), or when you look to remodel your house, do you go with the cheapest guys in the market, with a small toolbox?

Would you let me build you a tank? Or a car? Be honest, I won’t be offended. No? I didn’t think so.

CAT tools are no exception. Professional language translation services providers have a wide range of CAT tools at their disposal. This is to ensure that when you have a specific tool preference for your files, they will be able to adhere to that. Not to mention the quality maintained at a level which lets you be popular at your company.

Not only will you have created top-notch content, but you also have arranged for it to be localized and become a number 1 hit in every local market you send it off to.

How? With the right partner who has the right tools, of course. And with that, you also managed to save money. How great is that?

So, is your language partner using a wide range of CAT tools?

Are they able to use the one you need to be used?

Are they willing to learn how to use the tool your company requires if they happen to not have used it before?

If your answer to all these questions is yes, then congratulations.
You are in good hands.