Karolina Sarul
January 01, 2023

Marketing Executives' Resolution for International Growth in 2023

New year, new resolutions, trends and plans. As usual. 

From an innovative diet and fitness regime to new jobs, relationships and doing at least two marathons during the new year. Or, taking on a new experience, taking on challenges that scare us.


Not everything, however, has to be completely new to be worth an effort.

international growthIt’s always good to refresh an old resolution or take on a plan that has already been implemented but perhaps didn’t work out as expected. Just give it a different perspective, a different touch.

The same goes for professional life. A new year and new beginnings don’t always mean anything brand new.

Like the strategic sales and marketing objectives. Do they change just because a year has changed?

Boosting your lead generation, increasing sales, becoming a superstar in the new markets, oh, they are still important as hell, still challenging, making you stay up late to create newer and better ways to success.
Am I right? Sure I am.

So, since these fundamental objectives have not changed, how about, simply put, making new friends in this area?

Take translation and localization for instance. We all know, what it is. Especially translation. Everyone, from time to time, comes across the need to translate. Even if it’s just “Excuse me, where’s the nearest bar?” in Croatian, when on holiday in Dubrovnik. I would just use Google Translate instead of calling a language translation services agency for this, that’s obvious.

Social needs for translation are one thing, though. Translation and localization for professional purposes is a completely different story.


One of the most important trends in business for some time now is creating an effective international marketing strategy. Everyone knows that if you want to become a global player, you need to address new opportunities by winning local markets, worldwide.

The routine is usually pretty similar in each case.

New product.

New marketing strategy and content.

Ad campaigns, email campaigns, the whole content package.

And then waiting for it to be, quoting one of the TV series characters, LEGEN-wait-for-it-DARY! Right?
 So, is it legendary? Or, is there something missing?

Here’s a clue: how are your prospects supposed to appreciate what you offer them if they don’t know it because it’s not in their language? Understanding means feeling and as you know, people are more inclined to buy when their emotions are touched. In the usual course of events listed above, did you notice that small yet important detail anywhere?

It’s no secret anymore. Marketing content translation is a big thing.
And not an easy one. It’s not just a word for word translation. If it was, there would be no marketing translation services in the business world. If it was simple and easy, anyone could and would do it.

Translation and localization industry is a bit like Facebook relationship status update – “It’s complicated”.
I will break it down in my future posts, to help you see the complexity of it all, so make sure to come back and check the blog out again.

For now, let me ask you: is your strategic plan built around making your prospects feel what you offer or is it only about making them see it?

Will 2023 be legendary for you?