Karolina Sarul
April 23, 2019

4 Facts About Budgeting for Your International Marketing

concept of budgeting for international marketingOpening the doors to markets that you target. This is the goal behind every piece of marketing content and marketing strategy you and your team create. When you plan your content to become a hit in local markets, you know how to approach each market, what is necessary and what has to go. 

You also know that these days the best way to succeed in local markets is marketing translation.

The important thing to remember is that translating marketing content is not the same as technical documents or business documents translation. So, when you plan your budget for it, there are certain things to keep in mind.

1. It Takes Time

To properly localize a marketing message that fits a specific locale, it must take time. It’s not a process of simply translating word for word. The marketing translator needs a certain amount of time to fully understand the client’s expectations and the message itself. They need to analyze the source text, understand your needs and goals and also meticulously plan their creative approach. Marketing translation takes time and it cannot be rushed. Just like you carefully plan your content creation, plan your content translation too. Give it time. After all, time is money.


2. It Takes Knowledge

When translating any content, the professional has to be an expert in the specific terminology and in the language itself. In the case of translating marketing content, the professional has to have expertise not only in the terminology relevant to your message. The translation partner you choose for your marketing content translation has to offer a certain knowledge of the local market, its cultural and regional nuances to make sure that your message is conveyed in the way you meant it to be conveyed and that it’s compliant with your targeted market’s requirements.

Also, the right language services partner offers you their know-how throughout the whole cooperation, including the stage of your review of their work. This smooths the process, enabling you and your partner to achieve the results exceeding your expectations and, in the long run, helps you save time and money.

When planning your budget, remember you will be paying for very specific expertise that does not come just like that. You want experts, knowing their way around the words, the local market, culture, history and tradition and also knowing inside out the nuances that cannot be ignored.



3. It Takes Creativity

No surprises here. Translating a technical document is based on the terminology and the company’s style guide (providing there is one).

Translating a marketing content, apart from the specific knowledge mentioned before, takes a lot of creativity, which has to fall within the limitations of the style guides, rules, local markets’ laws and regulations as well as cultural aspects. Being creative can be difficult. But being creative and not letting yourself go too far can be tricky. After all, you don’t want your company to inadvertently offend your audience or send the wrong message to your targeted audience.



4. It Takes the Right Translation Agency

Your budget for marketing translation depends on whether you choose the right marketing translation services partner. And I’m not talking about the rates. These are to be negotiated with the partner you choose.

I am talking about the money savings you get if you decide to trust the right translation agency. The reliable language translation agency has the resources that are fully capable of handling marketing translation with the use of CAT tools, specific workflows and their own creativity and expertise.

You’ll quickly see the measurable results of having the right translation partner by your side that has the tools and resources to ensure your project’s smooth progress.

Not to mention the consistency crucial for the marketing messages. Having the same team of linguists working on your marketing content guarantees you the translated files that convey the same message throughout all of your content.

When budgeting for marketing translation, remember that you invest your time and money to receive the whole package of expertise and services combined with creativity that will set you up to achieve your marketing objectives and generate measurable results. After all, you'd be translating 4% of your marketing budget into 25-50% increase in leads with ROI of 151%. What are you waiting for?