Karolina Sarul
June 07, 2023

4 Ways Language Localization Helps You Meet Competitive Market Conditions

image of a city by night and fast traffic (1) (1)Regardless of the industry you’re in, there comes a point when you need to adjust your business plan to the changes happening on daily basis in the marketplace.


Much like the waterfall methodology was a popular approach in software development and now it's being replaced by a more flexible methodology, the same refers to business growth in general.


It’s pretty clear that a flexible and focused on the customer approach is the way to go. Flexibility in every aspect, whether it’s planning, creating or expanding your business plan, your company and your content.


So, how can translation work for your company to meet the expectations of the fast-changing markets?


You Speak Your Customers’ Language

You already know that in order to attract new customers abroad, you need to speak their language. Do you speak their language, though?






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Let me ask you a question: Do you know which idiomatic expressions can be offensive in Germany? Or, if you use the images you always use in your content, will they be well received in Spain? These questions refer to any country you choose and to other aspects of your content as well.


If you want to be competitive and stay ahead of the game, you need to have an expert knowledge of the target market. Do you?


If you don’t, use companies that do and that are able to advise you on any adjustments to your content that need to be made before the localization process even begins.


Time is even more precious now than it was before because the market is changing fast. With this in mind, it’s useful to have a translation strategy in place and a translation company that is able to implement this strategy right away.






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Do you want to stay competitive? Use a localization company that delivers your content in any language you need, without the risk of it being the wrong message, offensive or irrelevant in the target market.






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Language Localization Helps You Avoid Wasting Your Time

Everything we do nowadays is in a rush. Use the services that will ensure an easy and fast creation of your multilingual content so that you don’t waste any time before introducing your products to international markets.


Adjust your content quickly, before your competitors do and don’t lose time on changes afterwards.






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You can have your content tested straight away, during the translation process. You can have it checked for any discrepancies and fails whether they’re in the area of imagery or the linguistic aspects of the content.


This makes the process quicker and you won’t end up introducing your product too late, when it becomes obsolete because another company beat you to it.



Let Them Know You Know What They Need

You keep yourself informed about the newest trends in business and in your industry, to know what people might need in the future.


To quote Steve Jobs: A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them. Translation lets you do just that. It helps you use your knowledge of the trends and show your potential customers abroad what they might need.


Assuming you do that in their own language, with the properly localized content that they understand.


React to Change

Change is everywhere and it’s good. It can also be tricky. Again, do you know the changes happening in the market you plan to enter? Business-wise you do, I’m sure. What about the cultural and linguistic changes?


They happen too, everyday. Will you know which of the newly invented terms to use and which are, for instance, slang expressions that might hurt your company’s reputation?


Technological changes affect language but also culture and the way people react to what they see. Whereas in one country your images and terminology will be well received, in another country it might seem offensive, a bit controversial or irrelevant.


A good translation lets you avoid those traps and aim for the winning level straight away. This is when the services of a translation company come in. They will know the changes and how to use them to your advantage.


Or, if you see a shift in a given market and you want to address it, the translation company is there to make sure you address it right.


Your flexible approach to international business expansion means, among other things, being able to find and trust a translation services company, to meet your expectations fast without sacrificing the quality of your content.


It’s not easy to find a partner that is able to ensure your international business growth goes seamlessly and ahead of your competition. But it is possible. Ask the right questions, just like you do when you plan your strategy in the first place.


Find out if they know what you need and if they can make it happen.

Do you have any questions?


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