Karolina Sarul
June 11, 2019

4 Big Benefits of Marketing Translation

benefits of marketing translationTranslation and localization services are not tangible. That’s obvious. It's easy to miss the good stuff you get from it.

So, what are the benefits hidden behind the services you buy from a localization company offering marketing translations?

Competitive Advantage

It’s no secret that in order for your marketing content to sell your products globally you need to speak your customers’ language.

Understanding this is the first step to your marketing strategy’s success. Regardless of whether your competitors already localize their products and their marketing content or not, you should. Either to get ahead of your competitors or simply not to stay behind them.

The results of going with a professional translation agency are tangible: exceeded marketing goals and lead generation boost that you can see in real numbers translated into very substantial ROI.


Marketing Content that Really Sells

Every business has one objective – to grow. When you sell your products, you grow, of course. So, creating marketing content that really sells the company’s products is every marketer’s dream. And it is realistic.

All you need to do is motivate yourself and your team to take the important step after the content is created: localize it with the help of your marketing translation partner.

Having a professional translation provider at your side gives you the edge. Your content gets localized by experts in the linguistic nuances, regional laws and regulations, traditions, religious aspects and also terminology.

This builds your company’s positive image in the local markets, attracts prospective clients and engages them in communication leading to lead generation increase and in the end to the sale of your products.

International Reputation

The demand for products, websites and also marketing content to be localized has risen significantly. It is one of the factors that contribute to a company’s positive or negative reputation amongst customers and prospects.

The language of business is not English anymore. It’s the language of your customers. So, when you plan your marketing strategy, do you think about tailoring your marketing content specifically to your prospects and your customers’ needs, and not only in the aspect of the content itself, but also the language it is in?

Your company’s reputation is on the line. Translating content is one thing. But making sure it is properly localized is another. Your marketing content has to address the local communities with the proper message, language and with regard to any linguistic and cultural nuances. This cannot be just a word for word translation. A good localization not only prevents you from making your customers unhappy and go elsewhere but you also build a long-term relationship by showing your clients you care enough to make the effort and speak their language properly.

One thing that clients most certainly appreciate is showing them real commitment.

You will see the result of this in the rising numbers of new customers, customer testimonials and your brand’s positive reputation in the market.

Easy and Effective Communication

Your marketing content is created to communicate your company’s message to any local market you plan to settle in. There is, however, another side to this. Your content is an invitation for your prospects to communicate to you as well. And if they receive an invite in their own language which will make them feel safe and welcome, they will come and stay. People want to communicate in an open and secure way, feeling that the other party is fully committed to hearing their voice.

When you create your marketing strategy, have that in mind and you will see the real results in the numbers of people who actually engage in communication with your company at every stage of their buyers’ journey.

Having all these benefits in mind, there’s one more thing: imagine you can translate 4% of your marketing budget into a 25-50% increase in leads with an ROI of 151%.

Now stop imagining.