Karolina Sarul
October 28, 2019

How to Drive Your Business Growth With a Multilingual Tagline

drive business growthA few days ago, I came across The Boring Company. Immediately after seeing this name, I thought  to check how boring they actually were. As it turned out, they are all about tunnels.

Tunnels are boring, one might say. But the way they go about is far from dull. And when you add Elon Musk’s name to it, as the brand founder, well, there goes the boring part. It obviously is no news that Musk’s creative touch was recognizable there. But this is an important lesson that made me realize even more how important the details are when it comes to the international expansion of any company, regardless of the industry. In a world where reading about tunnels can be entertaining, anything is possible.

This clearly proves that the company name is the front door that makes you either enter or leave the site straight away.

There is a second door to look at as well, though. Since, let’s face it, there’s a limit to how interesting and enticing your company name can be, there is an area in which you can get more creative: the tagline.

When you consider taking your company global and introducing your products in the international markets, start your decision-making process not only from answering the what-service-do-I-need question, but try to also focus on your tagline to make sure that, when localized, it works for the benefit of your brand.

It’s not only about the proper translation of your technical documentation, the perfect transcreation of your marketing content or fully professional localization of your software.
It’s also about making sure your localized content includes the right tagline in terms of your buyer personas, and in terms of the local market’s legal, cultural, religious and linguistic requirements.

To make sure it’s all perfectly adjusted to your international prospects’ needs, trust a localization company that offers not only the services. They should also offer accurate an insight into the given market, expertise in linguistic aspects and deep, full understanding of everything beyond language.

Localization is not just about the language.

The full localization package will include a translation service that matches your content’s requirements (if it’s marketing content, a transcreation service would be the path to take, and for technical documentation, you would choose the standard technical translation and so on).
It will also include the processes ensuring your products are introduced in the international markets at the moment perfect for your brand. Another thing are the tools that make the process smooth. And there are the people, of course. They are the ones that make sure your content meets the exact needs of your prospects and existing customers. They know the market, the language, the industry that you represent and the terminology that is best for your successful growth. They are also the ones that are able to advise you of what goes and what doesn’t go in the specific market. Do you have any questions so far?



Will the wording in your company tagline appeal to the prospects you target? Is your company logo neutral so that it won’t offend anyone regardless of the region they are in and the language they speak?

It all revolves around your company voice and message that you want to convey. It affects the choice of logo, images and tagline that you put on your website because your whole brand message needs to be consistent. It will, of course, be the result of your company mission and vision and they also have to be clear to your clients, regardless of the language they speak.

If you see fit, take advantage of a professional language services provider that has the expertise and experience in the field of marketing translation. They will be able to advise you on the right choice of words in the specific language. Depending on the place and linguistic nuances, your tagline can make your brand a winner or it can ruin it.

Seemingly obvious, the aspect of naming your company and describing your mission and vision in one swift, clear and enticing tagline is a challenge. When you add to this the aspect of making it match the international markets’ needs regardless of the culture and language, the challenge grows. Allow yourself to rely on a translation agency as the expert in such cases to take the burden off your shoulders. Allow yourself to focus on your own goals and watch your multilingual tagline become the international hit that sells your products.

Allow yourself to be creative in the planning process because you know you have the right partners at your side. And then watch your prospects open the right door and enter. To stay.