Karolina Sarul
June 01, 2023

4 Hacks for Producing Marcomm Content in Local Languages Globally

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Introducing your company worldwide is one of the business goals you face when you think of your company’s growth.


There are more people that can benefit from your products than just in your own country or region. So why is it that so many companies hesitate about or even resign from the idea right at the beginning?


Does expanding your company’s reach beyond the borders of your own region or country give you a headache? There are certain reasons for these headaches.


For every pain there is a painkiller, though. Let’s look into the root of these aches and solutions to ease them.


Wrong Translation Company or Service

If you decide to use machine translation and trust its quality, then you will save a lot of time. Will your company benefit from it? Now, that’s the tricky part: multilingual marketing content should never be a machine translation product.






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You create your content for people around the globe. Does the machine you decide to use know the various cultural, religious, legal and linguistic subtleties that need to be considered when creating multilingual marketing content?


Users of one language can have a completely different way of using it, understanding the idioms and even have different regulations, depending on the country they live in.


Like French for instance: It’s used by people in more than 20 countries that have their own specific culture, traditions, laws and understanding of the linguistic nuances.


You risk a lot by saving time through machine translation of your content. Is that the risk you had in mind? Other than that, you risk nothing, if you decide to go for human, professional translation.






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Marketing content, because of its unique structure, audience and goals, cannot be translated word for word. You probably know this already, but just to make sure: transcreation is the way to go.






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And again, you do not have to worry about the pain of doing it all by yourself. You have people for that. People, whose complete understanding of not only the target language but also of the target country or region, allows them to shape your marcom content into the message that you want to convey in this specific market. So, what’s the risk?


There is a risk of going with the wrong translation agency. That’s true. But for that, you also have the solution: Asking the right questions.






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Translation Quality Review

You don’t want to spend too much time, waiting for your content to be ready, that’s understandable. You need to know that the deadlines for your multilingual marcom content will be delivered and you will not waste your time and energy on going back and forth correcting other people’s mistakes.






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You need to be sure that, if you have an internal client review process, the outcome will be properly and timely addressed, so that you don’t spend weeks waiting for the translator’s comments and changes to be implemented.


As for client review, to save time it’s good to make sure the process is as smooth as possible.



Preparing for Translation

When you start creating your multilingual content with the right approach, you are on the right path to saving both time and money. Are you ready to go global?

Do you really know your audience? Is your marketing content fully prepared for localization?






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You research your target audiences regarding the countries, regions and language users that you focus on. Do you know how to research them in the aspect of marketing translation?


Are you fully aware of the contextual expressions that work in one language-speaking country but might be offensive in another? Are you sure you keep up with the legal restrictions and cultural lines that you should not cross in order for your product to succeed in the given market?


How about the currency, date formats, imagery and all the other important details that could build or ruin your brand’s reputation, depending on the quality they represent?


Your marketing content needs to be translated in a way that meets the local market’s standards in every possible aspect. Do you know the answers and solutions to all the questions I asked? And one last question: do you have to know all these answers?



No. Again, you have people for that. Professional translation services companies (the right ones, of course), are the ones that have all these answers, ready for you. All you have to do is use this partnership for your business goals' success.



By spending it right, you save it. Using machine translation won’t do it. As I mentioned before, you need a proper transcreation service for your marcom content, not just a machine or word for word translation.


When you have the right translation agency at your side, that has the tools, the processes and the resources to handle your marketing translation projects, you will not spend more money than necessary. It’s simple as that. Don’t believe me?






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So, for all your possible headaches connected with marketing content translation, there is a simple medicine: language translation services. And not just any translation service.


When you find a marketing translation agency that you decide to trust, your headaches will stop. Simply by seeing their work in progress and hearing their advice, using their guidance, you will feel that your company’s marketing content is on the best path possible to become an international hit. Just make sure you use the checklist I gave you before.


Every good product creation takes time. It also costs a substantial amount of money. And there are specific risks involved. The same goes for the perfect translation of marcom content.


Ask, answer, decide and you’re all set for your marketing content’s success in every market you target.


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