Karolina Sarul
June 14, 2023

3 Things to Expect From Voice Over Companies for the Best Outcome

voice over conceptEvery day we get hundreds of videos on our social media and on websites we visit. It’s no secret that the video content is the golden goose of international expansion. If you want to go global, you need to produce videos. Short, clear and stating your brand’s message. Writing is not enough nowadays.


If you speak English and you target only the English-speaking countries, then no worries. You can do it in no time. But what if you target countries where not everybody speaks English? That’s no problem too! Your translation provider will cover this for you with the voice over or subtitling services. You just need to know what to choose.


Type of Video Content for Translation

Voice over helps when you plan to touch your audiences’ emotions with your recordings. As subtitles most certainly help people understand what they are watching, voice over over definitely enhances the emotional charge of your videos.


If your videos are for educational purposes, training, e-learning courses, then the subtitling service is a good choice. You don’t want your trainees and e-students to get too emotional, I’m sure.






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On the other hand, we live in times of constant rush. People look for quick and easy solutions. voice over certainly provides this for them. Without focusing on reading the text below, they hear what they need and save time.


And they understand the courses better, as they can focus fully on the visual clues and aids, because they don’t have to read the text presented to them at the bottom of the page. This is easier.


I’m sure your localization company will be able to help you decide which service is best for your content.






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Video Translation Price

It’s no secret that subtitling is cheaper. If money is the issue, then you probably should look at the cost of both.






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Voice over, however, most definitely stands out in comparison to subtitling. If it’s done right, it can really boost your visibility and reception. So, before you decide, take a good look at what comes in for you at the price you pay.



SEO Relevance

If you plan to take your business overseas, it’s good to remember that your website needs a good SEO. Your visibility grows thanks to a thorough multilingual keyword research, website optimization and all your efforts you make to ensure the relevant ranking of your website, landing pages and all your content.






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It’s good to remember that subtitling is the factor that helps your SEO. Your videos are visible for the search engines thanks to the subtitles. Because the videos with subtitles ran higher on Google and YouTube, you are able to attract more of your targeted audiences to your website.


You increase your website traffic which then boosts your leads generation and you can literally see your inbound efforts paying off in the new clients coming in.


With both these services you need to do some ground work too, at the beginning of the process. Your speakers, teachers, trainers or whoever will speak in the video, have to convey a loud and clear message, speak slowly.






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It seems obvious but for some reason people tend to forget about that. For the subtitles and voice over to work, people have to make it possible by paying attention to every word they say, including the pauses.


When you have the plan, the videos created with localization in mind, all you need to do now is just make sure you have the right translation company for the job. How? By asking the relevant questions.






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Leave the technicalities to your translation company. They will handle the subtitling process or the voice over procedures, whether it’s making sure that the voice over aligns with the tone of the message and original content, cleaning the files, adjusting the sound and more.


They will let you know what’s needed at your end for the project to go seamlessly.


So, go on, create your perfect multilingual videos that reflect your brand’s message. Watch the inbound traffic increase and enjoy the results.