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Marek Makosiej
April 27, 2023
16 min read

Business Translations: Services Driving Your Revenue

Drive revenue to your company with business translation services





Did you know that more than half of all Google searches come from users who don't use the English language in their browsers?


Since you're here, reading this article means you want to expand your business globally, so you should know the numbers.


And what are the top 10 languages used on the web these days?




And what are the top 10 languages used on the web these days?




The Top 10 languages of Internet users are:



  • English
  • Chinese
  • Spanish
  • Arabic
  • Portuguese
  • Indonesian
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • German



Effective communication with your target audience is the first step towards setting your company for global success. And business translations services can help you achieve just that. Localization services provide a seamless experience for your non-native audience, ensuring your message is conveyed accurately and effectively.


In this blog article, you'll find everything you need about business translations services.


From what they are, their importance in driving your global revenue, common business materials requiring translations, choosing the best translation company, to the benefits of translating your plans into a global expansion roadmap.


Globalization sneaks up on many businesses. Don't let it surprise you! Get new clients and establish a credible reputation in the global market to drive those dollars into your business.




What are Business Translations Services?




Expanding your company operations can be challenging, especially targeting a global audience. One significant obstacle is the language barrier that prevents potential clients from understanding your products or services.



Expanding your company operations can be challenging, especially targeting a global audience. One significant obstacle is the language barrier that prevents potential clients from understanding your products or services.


Business translations services come into play here, providing precise translations of various materials such as software, mobile applications, websites, marketing content, and business documents. Professional human translators ensure that the intended meaning and tone of the original text remain intact, making it easier for companies to tap into new markets while maintaining their credibility.




Common Business Translations Services that You Should Consider for Your Company


Choosing a translation company specializing in the type of services you need is essential to ensure the highest quality and accuracy.



Common Business Translations Services That You Should Consider



  • Translation audits with recommendations based on market strategy
  • Localization strategy based on business goals with expert knowledge from native speakers
  • Certified document translation services (marketing, legal, insurance, technical, manufacturing, niche-specific, for example, chemical translation or healthcare translation)
  • Transcription of business meetings, training videos, podcasts, or company annual reports
  • Video localization and subtitling or voiceover
  • Software localization
  • Mobile apps localization
  • Website localization
  • Language pairs suggestions and preparation
  • Interpreting services for client meetings or live company events
  • Creating and maintaining glossary and termbases
  • Machine translation and post-editing








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  • Proofreading and localization quality assurance
  • Content creation and transcreation
  • Local SEO research and implementation
  • Desktop publishing
  • Translation project management
  • Integration of translation systems with the company content management system
  • Transcreation and content creation (graphic materials, videos)
  • Customer service automation
  • Game localization






Importance of Business Translations Services for Your Global Revenue




Misunderstandings due to language barriers can often lead to lost opportunities and damaged relationships with clients or partners. Localization services can help you adapt content to different cultures and languages, improving communication and preventing misunderstandings.



Importance of Business Translations Services for Global Revenue



Aside from the fact that more than half of Google searches come from users who don't use English in their web browsers, there are other eye-opening facts to remember.


Accurate business translations are essential for reaching a broader audience and boosting global revenue. Almost 70% of people who start an online purchase abandon the cart and don't finish the buying process.


Why? Here are reasons for Abandonments During Cart & Checkout that can be easily fixed by investing in localization:



  • 48% Extra costs too high (shipping, tax, fees)

Aside from language services, native linguists and localization experts can help you with information about common shipping methods or trusted payment solutions.



  • 18% I didn't trust the site with my credit card information

In the United States, purchasing online goods by providing credit card details directly in website form is very common. In Europe, customers prefer to do something other than that. In fact, in some countries, bank transfers are so popular that it's a requirement for companies to have this option of payment (for example, in Germany). Localization experts could suggest a simple, reassuring prompt written in the client's native language to help to overcome this barrier.



  • 17% Too long / complicated checkout process

Providing instructions in a native language in the FAQ section, or pop-up prompts could help to remedy this issue.



  • 13% Website had errors / crashed

This is a big one. Websites with errors in translations or parts of the translations need to be more visible, and look less trustworthy than others. It also suggests that a company is not interested enough in the customers to fix simple translation issues. Proper quality assurance in localization would quickly show such mistakes in the user interface or website. Small UX improvements, like making sure the display box for text holds more pace




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Certified translations can also enhance your business's credibility in global markets, establishing a solid reputation that increases revenue. Companies can save time and resources by outsourcing translation services to experts while ensuring precise, high-quality translations that convey the intended meaning.





Common Business Documents and Content Requiring Translations



Translating marketing content helps companies reach a broader audience. Certified translators can help your company enter an untapped market and launch with success.



Common Business Documents and Content Requiring Translations



At the same time, precise translations of legal documents are essential for doing business internationally. Translated product information can help companies to sell products to non-native speakers. Translating websites and social media accounts can help enterprises to expand their global online presence. Offering translated customer service can also help businesses better support foreign language speakers.


What common business materials need to be translated for your global success?

  • Business plans
  • Company memos
  • User manuals and instructions
  • Product information sheets
  • Product certification
  • User guides
  • Technical specifications
  • Warranty rules and information
  • Recall notices
  • Invoices and receipts
  • Customer email messages
  • Marketing materials for offline use (rollups, banners, leaflets)
  • Marketing materials for digital use (pdf, case studies, social media posts)
  • Voice translation




Audio transcriptions are an example of business translations services available for your company.


  • Audio transcriptions
  • Product packaging
  • Website content
  • Product software
  • Mobile applications
  • User Interface (UI) translations (for user experience reasons)



User Interface (UI) translations (for user experience reasons) need to be accurately translated




  • Product certifications
  • Safety tests and safety certifications
  • Technical drawings
  • Legal docs
  • Insurance papers
  • Patents
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Personal data forms
  • Copyright data
  • Social media posts






Choosing the Best Professional Translator

Finding good language translation services can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it can be challenging to determine which service provider will best suit your needs. To make an informed decision, consider looking for a translation service specializing in your industry and target language.







Additionally, evaluate the quality of certified translation offered by the service and their editing and proofreading services to ensure high-quality output. Finally, consider pricing structure and turnaround time while making the final decision.



Expertise in Specific Industries

Regarding business translations, working with a service with expertise in your specific industry is crucial. An experienced translator with knowledge of your industry can ensure precise translations and help avoid costly mistakes. Look for a translation service with experience working with businesses similar to yours and ask for references or case studies to see how the translation service has helped other companies in your industry. Working with a language service provider specializing in your industry can help you communicate effectively with clients and customers worldwide.




Quality of Localization

Effective localization is critical to the success of any business looking to expand its reach globally. It's not just about translating words but adapting content to fit specific cultural and linguistic nuances. A good business translations services provider should have expertise in both language and culture, offering high-quality localization that accurately convey your message to your target audience. This includes adapting images, layouts, and other visual elements to fit local customs and preferences. Choosing a translation service that can deliver accurate translations combined with effective localization can help you connect with customers worldwide and drive global revenue.




Turnaround Time and Pricing

When choosing a business translation service, it's crucial to consider their turnaround time and pricing. A provider that delivers accurate translations within your desired timeframe is essential to meet your business needs. However, comparing quotes from different providers is equally important, as pricing can vary significantly. Choose a service that offers transparent pricing with no hidden fees. Investing in high-quality translation services may come with a higher price tag. Still, it can help expand your business globally and increase sales in the long run.





Benefits of Business Translations


Investing in professional business translation services can reap many benefits for your company. Translations allow you to reach a broader audience by making your content accessible in various languages. This means potential clients from different countries could access and understand your content



Benefits of Business Translations



Moreover, accurate translations help to facilitate clear communication between you and your international clients or partners, improving the overall customer experience.


Demonstrating respect for other cultures through quality translations can enhance credibility and increase trust with your target audience. Finally, investing in high-quality translation services can improve sales and revenue by expanding your global customer base.




Expanded Customer Base and Revenue

You can quickly expand your customer base and revenue by using the help of professional business translations services. You can reach a new audience and generate more sales by making your content available in multiple languages. Additionally, offering translations to international customers shows that you value their business and are committed to meeting their needs. This can build trust and credibility, leading to long-term relationships that benefit both parties. Professional business translations services ensure accurate translations that resonate with your target audience and help establish a lasting connection with global clients.




Improved Credibility and Reputation

Having your business materials translated by professional business translations services can significantly enhance your credibility and reputation. You can establish trust with potential customers or partners in different regions by demonstrating your investment in reaching a wider audience and accommodating different cultures. Accurate translations that avoid cultural misunderstandings can further strengthen your reputation, potentially leading to increased sales opportunities and business growth. In addition, expanding your reach through translations can open up fresh markets and provide additional revenue streams for your business.




Enhanced Customer Experience

Providing translations for your business can enhance the customer experience, especially for non-native speakers. By offering content in their native language, you show that you value and respect their culture, which can increase customer loyalty. This can also improve the understanding of your products and services, resulting in higher customer satisfaction. Additionally, business translations can help expand your reach to international markets, increasing potential sales opportunities. Professional business translations services ensure accuracy and consistency in all translated materials, enhancing the overall customer experience.








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How to Get Started with Business Translations Services?



Starting a localization project can be intimidating, especially if you're new to the process. However, it can be a seamless and straightforward process with the right approach and guidance.





First, determine your language needs and target audience before researching reputable translation service providers. Communication is vital in providing clear instructions and context to the translator for accurate interpretation. Then, set your budget.


Secondly, use the tips shared in the videos in this article to shortlist experienced business translation services. No matter if you're based in New York or China, certified translation services are available to cooperate online with businesses around the globe.


Ask questions about the localization process, pricing, additional fees, and customer references. Here are some good examples:



  • What tools do you work with?
  • Do you provide software system translation services primarily?
  • What is your experience with machine translation post-editing?
  • What's your experience in our industry?
  • What process do you have for website translation?
  • What's the end-to-end process of using your system and tools to translate software strings and images?
  • What's the best process to manage user interface translations in multiple languages?



Jump on a call with 2-3 top contending certified translation providers to get to know their communication style and ask for a free quote to compare the prices.


Negotiate your way up to a satisfactory contract: more customer service hours, no minimal charges, or free first revision? Check which will bring you the most savings in the long run.





Before publishing or distributing translated content, reviewing and approving it thoroughly is essential. Consider using machine translation technology to supplement human translation services for quick turnaround times, but keep the linguists for proper QA process.


Effective communication is crucial for businesses operating in different languages and cultures. Business localization makes sure that your message is accurately conveyed to your target audience. This involves adapting content and design to suit the cultural nuances of your customer base. Accurate translation is also necessary for legal documents and contracts in foreign markets.




Challenges in Localizing Business Content


Localizing business content can be daunting, involving much more than just translating the text. Differences in language and culture can pose severe challenges to effective communication with your target audience.



Challenges in Localizing Business Content



Idioms, humor, and even color meanings can vary significantly across cultures, making adapting content for a global market difficult. This is where a professional translation service comes in handy.


They have the expertise to navigate these obstacles and ensure your message is accurately conveyed to the intended audience. By investing in localization, businesses can improve customer satisfaction and strengthen their global brand presence.




Best Practices in Business Localization

Professional business translations services help companies increase brand awareness and sales opportunities globally. With business localization, companies can effectively reach a wider audience and expand their market share, showcasing their commitment to inclusivity and cultural sensitivity.


Expanding your company globally can be a challenging task. Still, you can overcome cultural and linguistic barriers with the right localization strategy. Understanding local laws, customs, and regulations ensures effective communication with your target market.





Choosing the right language service provider with expertise in your industry and the languages you need to localize for can make all the difference in ensuring accurate translations. Localizing your website, advertising materials, and customer support content can help build trust with your audience, leading to increased sales and improved customer satisfaction. Regularly updating and maintaining your localized content is a crucial best practice for building a more robust global brand presence.




Let's Get Down to Business



In today's globalized world, businesses must communicate effectively with their customers and partners worldwide.


Business translations services are the solution for companies looking to expand their customer base, increase revenue, and improve their reputation in foreign markets.



In today's globalized world, businesses must communicate effectively with their customers and partners worldwide.



By choosing the right translation service provider, you can ensure that your content is accurately translated and localized to meet the cultural expectations of your target audience. Expert localization can enhance customer experience and build credibility with international clients.


If you're ready to take your business to the next level with professional translation services, contact our team of experts today.





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