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Monika Bujanowicz
February 23, 2023
15 min read

How to Buy Online Translation: Insider's Tips for You


How to Buy Online Translation: Insider's Tips for You




Imagine a world where you can effortlessly translate any text from English into another language: French, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, or Arabic. We live in it right now, and such a world exists thanks to the option to buy online translations. 



Online translation has opened up a new world of language services, allowing texts and projects like entire websites to be translated into multiple languages. And, depending on the type of translation you buy, possibly without human translators.



Online translation has not only simplified translation but also revolutionized the way it is done. From the technology behind it to the tools you can use to start translating: there is a lot of ground to cover. 



In this blog post, you'll learn the basics about how to buy online translation services.









Online Translation Tools and Services



Online Translation Tools and Services



When you buy translations, localization companies offer professional interpretations at affordable prices. 



These firms have teams of native human translators who can translate any content into any language within hours or days. They also provide free editing and proofreading services. 



Most translation agencies offer machine translation and computer-aided translation programs (CAT software). Both can be used to translate texts and provide accurate results. 




Machine Translations vs. Human Translator



Machine Translations vs. Human Translator



Machine translation applications (MT, NMT, SMT) are widely available in free and paid versions of online and desktop applications. Machine learning algorithms can quickly translate large amounts of text but are only sometimes accurate. There is a question of security as the privacy policy of such tools can have points about data privacy that are dealbreakers for any business deal.



When a professional translation agency uses machine translation MT to do their initial version of the txt in the target language, they will ays proofread the content with the help of trained linguists who are human translators and native speakers. They will use CAT software or computer-aided translation tools to check the texts, vocabulary, and tenses. CAT software offers a range of features to support human translators once MT does the first draft. Then, human translators fine-tune the translation in the target language.




Machine translation programs are an excellent option for getting the best translation quality in a short time. They use artificial intelligence (AI) to translate txt instantly, making machine translation a very cost-effective option. 


The software CAT can also translate text accurately but with a time delay. This means it takes longer than machine translation programs to deliver results to buy translation online.



Human interpreters have a significant advantage over machine learning algorithms and AI-assisted translation tools. What is it? The ability to understand context and nuance in human language. 


As language experts, human translators can read between the lines to put words into context to read intentions. Thus, ensuring the original content and target language versions reflect the same values and meaning.







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Document Translations for Personal and Official Use



Document Translations for Personal and Official Use



Accurate and timely translation of essential documents is crucial, especially regarding official documents and certifications. 



Certified document translations are required by universities, courts, hospitals, insurance agents, and many local, state, and federal agencies. Standard document translations may be enough for marketing, business, and personal use. Legal documents or medical records are examples of translations that a verified and certified expert must do. The client can see the final version online or download a pdf, doc, or docx file.



When translating a document from one language to another, you must ensure that the translation accurately reflects the meaning and tone of the original text. Buying translation services lets you quickly and easily translate web pages or other content into another language.



It's possible to select human translators to work on your project. Some translation services require clients to use a pre-selected translator, and some let customers decide who is the best fit.



Some translation companies allow buyers to customize and buy translation offer to suit their needs and requirements. For example, some services offer advanced translation features as default buyer settings. Furthermore, certified online translation companies could include revisions, formatting, and signed/stamped certification for more authenticity and credibility.




Video Translations are Business Must-Have









Video translations are popular as they allow customers to see the finally translated text in the target language in action. There are various video translation platforms where clients can buy translations, each with its features and benefits. 



Some video translation tools will enable users to upload a file and do the translation automatically. Others require to enter the source texts to finalize the translation.



It is vital to choose the correct translation tool for your needs. Research different options, and select the one that best suits your requirements. The biggest video platform, Youtube, has an interesting option of creating automatic subtitles within the app when you upload videos. Video translatory enables an option to create subtitles within platform's native video editor or in any video editing software. Moreover, most youtube videos uploaded to the video editor will have automatic English subtitles added.



Translation companies can help you translate any videos quickly and easily. With the help of a team of certified human language experts, you get top-notch quality content in any desired target language.




Speech Translation is Now Quick and Accurate



Speech Translation is Now Quick and Accurate



Speech translation is a service that uses speech recognition to understand spoken language and convert it into written text. It helps to translate short texts and can be valuable in communicating across language barriers. 



Speech translation assistance is a great way to avoid misunderstandings when traveling or doing business with international clients. It allows anyone to translate spoken words quickly and accurately without relying on human linguists. It's an investment that saves time and money while you do business in countries with new languages and cultures. 





Website Translations as a Necessity in Today's Global Village



Website Translations as Necessity in Today's Global Village



Whether you need a quick translation of a few web pages or complete website localization, some services can help you find the right person to coordinate and complete your project. 


Website translations done this way reduce the cost and time needed to translate content. Some translation services use machine learning algorithms to identify and replace text automatically. In contrast, others use human translators to translate one language into another. 


However, it is always essential to make sure that you choose a translator with the right skills for your project. Preferably one that will instantly understand your business needs and will be able to translate your message and call to action into another culture and target language. 







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Video Game Online Translations On the Rise 



Video Game Online Translations On the Rise



Simple video game translation can be completed in hours, depending on the project's complexity. Video game localization involves editing text, audio, fonts, and graphics to match the appropriate language. This can be done manually by a translator or automatically with translation software.



Translation services and tools can speed up game localization by allowing translators to work simultaneously in multiple languages. Consistent translation through automatic transcriptions is guaranteed, so opt for human work instead of machine translations.




Localization Services Are More Than Just Translations








Localization companies and services are available to buy online. A significant advantage of a localization company vs. a translation company is that the latter can translate and adjust content into different target languages alongside providing localized support for your website or app. 



You can use localization services to translate text, create bilingual or multilingual content, or provide translations for marketing materials. It is a cost-effective way to expand your business internationally.



Localization services are not only about your website. Search for a localization agency to adjust mobile applications and intranet software for different languages and cultures. Increase the appeal and grow the user base who can become new clients. Reduce translation costs and streamline the process of creating translations for digital marketing materials.




Marketplaces and Platforms for Translation Online




Translation services available online can fit any budget and business need. 



Consider several factors when buying a translation tool, such as the complexity of the project and whether basic or advanced help is needed to complete it. 



Among the most popular translation marketplaces and free online translator is Google Translate followed by Babylon Translator by Microsoft. Did you notice how Google Translate can predict our source texts while typing?



These online platforms offer translation services, including interpreting and proofreading. 



Using online translation tools for your business has many benefits. Not only do you save time and money, but you also get accurate translations for business documents with high-quality results. 



Plus, online translation tools make it easy to access any language from anywhere in the world. So why should you not give them a try?




How to Find a Reliable Translation Service Provider








A translation service can be a great way to translate text, photos, and other digital media content between different languages. However, you must do your research and find a trustworthy translation service provider with a good reputation. This way, you ensure the high quality of the final translated text and minimize possible mistakes.



When buying an online translation service, include various providers on your shortlist. This way, depending on the project, you can cover different types of translations, such as technical, legal, or subtitling. 



Look for a translation provider with a good reputation. Read customer reviews to find a reputable localization service with reliable customer service and high-quality work. 



Following these steps can help you find a translation company that meets your needs and expectations.





Translation Pricing Models




Translators and translation companies charge per word, hour, page, or project. Different pricing models may suit you, depending on the project scope and the translation complexity.



Translation companies will compete with each other and offer additional services. Value-added services include editing, proofreading, publishing, and localization. These extras can make a big difference in the final translation cost and make it worthwhile for a provider to offer them as an add-on option.



The mixed model is another popular pricing model among translation companies. Here, different types of services are offered at different rates, depending on the scope and complexity of the service. 



Ask about pricing options in advance, and be bold to negotiate discounts. This way, you can get a better deal and buy an online translation that best suits your needs.




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How to Negotiate the Best Translation Prices?



How to Negotiate the Best Translation Prices?



Research translation companies to compare prices and services.



When choosing a translation firm, you should consider many factors, such as the languages that will be translated, the number of words, and the document type. You can also check online reviews to get an idea of customer experience with the company on your shortlist.



When negotiating the translation rate, remember to be clear and concise about your needs. Be willing to walk away if you don't agree on a price that's fair for both parties.



Review multiple translation quotes based on the same brier and request discounts, special offers, or volume pricing.



Let's say you are ordering many translations from a company. In that case, you can get a better price by negotiating the rates. Consider the type of service you are ordering (e.g., translation only or proofreading only), the number of words to be translated, and any special instructions or comments you have. 



Ask for a discount if you are willing to agree to terms that are more favorable than those stated in the original quote. Check if a translator or localization firm offers ongoing specials on retainer. It may be worth considering if you know they are fair and consistent with translation work.



You can also use online tools and resources such as Google Translate or a translation comparison tool to understand average prices for a particular language pair. It is essential to know that not all online translators are the same and that some offer cheaper rates than others. Therefore, be sure to compare several translations and offers before making a final decision.



Finally, feel free to negotiate if it leads to a better result for your project, for example by adding or removing services like editing or publishing from the contract. This way, you can save money and time while ensuring your translation is accurate and thorough.



Come Inside!



As translation services evolve, so do translation buyers. There are many translation platforms and marketplaces, but each has advantages and disadvantages. 


Before starting the translation process, be clear about your business vision and goals.


Choose the platform to buy online translation or hire a professional translation agency. Base your selection on strict criteria to ensure your provider ticks all the boxes and suits your needs. 


With the help of the tools and services mentioned above, you can start and finish successful translation projects within designated timeline. Now, you have an advantage over your competitors when choosing an online translator or company tools to expand your business. 


Do you have trusted ways to vent potential business partners and tools when buying online translation? Feel free to share your tips to add to what's mentioned in this blog post. Go and grow!


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